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Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer Partners with Cyberclean Systems in Pilot Project for Mobile Robotics Applications

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Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer is excited to partner with Cyberclean Systems in a pilot project for their new mobile robotics technology system. For over a century, Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer has remained a forward-thinking firm, exploring new ways to operate and manage buildings by continuing to discover new technologies, processes, and further develop metrics to become even more efficient, while finding cost-effective ways to benefit our clients, tenants, guests, and building occupants. Cyberclean Systems is a pioneer in mobile robotics since 1983, with over 1,000 mobile robot deployments in 2020 for major fortune 100 companies. Cyberclean is the only company in the U.S. whose knowledge and expertise crosses eight technologies and growing, and has the inherent capabilities to fully support AMRs for industry leaders.
The goals of the pilot project are to: 
1. Evaluate the use of SmartGuard UV robot for fully autonomous on-site disinfection processes.
2. Evaluate SoftBank Robotics Whiz for vacuuming of common areas and hallways to improve cleaning quality, occupant safety and identify potential labor savings. 
3. Evaluate deploying the SmartGuard UV fan for smaller confined areas like conference rooms.
Olivia Garber, CAM, a 2019 graduate from Virginia Tech’s property management major and a commercial portfolio manager with Thalhimer, describes how she envisions technology, and the role robotics will play in the future. “One of the many things that attracted me to working in the property management industry is that at its core, it’s a people centered business. We work with clients, tenants and vendors daily to ensure the smooth operation of each individual asset. As technology continues to improve, so does our ability to serve our tenants and our clients. Adapting to advances in technology allows more of our energy as property managers to be put towards building those critical relationships that are the foundation of our business. As a young professional, I am excited to see how robotics continue to progress and how Thalhimer can embrace this next level of technology just as we have for more than a century.”
Richard L. Ward, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cyberclean Systems comments, “Cyberclean Systems is very excited to be working with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer to evaluate the use of mobile robots and automation, in general, for cleaning and disinfecting commercial facilities. Combining the industry leadership and experience of Thalhimer with Cyberclean's deep understanding of automation is a perfect fit for us. The initial pilot program at Thalhimer's headquarters will utilize robot vacuums, UV disinfection robots, state-of-the-art UV fans and real-time reporting via the cloud to validate services. These new and innovative approaches will be compared against traditional processes with the objective of establishing new standards of cleanliness and safety within a facility."      
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