Construction plans

Chartered in 1987, MGT Construction’s mission has always been to provide value-added construction services to our customers by creating successful partnerships throughout the construction process. We are a relationship driven company that strives to create repeat business by exceeding our clients’ expectations. We seek to add value for our clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and timely performance. At MGT Construction we understand that striking the perfect balance between schedule, quality and budget leads to successful construction projects. Over the years MGT Construction has become a market leader in office and medical construction, retail build-outs, and historical rehabilitation projects, completing several million square feet of various projects throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

MGT Construction’s philosophy and approach to each project has been a major factor in its ability to successfully complete demanding construction projects. With historical rehabilitation projects, from the coordination of the first day of demolition to the last day of building inspections, every day has to be approached with a degree of detail that ensures the schedule is maintained, historical integrity is protected, and new construction marry up with the existing conditions. When it comes to multi-tenant and multi-floor office projects, or schedule-driven retail projects, every day has to be approached with a degree of detail that ensures current building tenants are undisturbed, the building is protected and the building systems are not compromised. Without a team oriented approach, and a commitment to communication, success will not be achieved.