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Thalhimer Realty Partners, Inc. is a real estate investor, developer, operator and advisor. It has acquisition and development experience in a wide range of real estate product types, including multi-family, retail, industrial and office buildings.
We acquire, position, and operate properties to maximize long term cash flow and value for our investment partners and tenants. We seek extraordinary returns for taking manageable risks by utilizing the broad array of talent, knowledge and skill sets offered by the Thalhimer family of companies.

The Thalhimer family of companies consists of one of the largest and most successful commercial brokerage firms in Virginia complemented by a talented and knowledgeable property services group and general contracting company.  Harnessing these disciplines within our own investment systems, Thalhimer Realty Partners possesses a unique platform from which to deliver beginning-to-end real estate solutions and excellent risk-adjusted long-term investment returns to its clients and investment partners.

Thalhimer Realty Partners' Competitive Advantages

  • Quick decision-making and the ability to close in a timely and efficient manner: Integrated team of four professionals leads to a focused approach to each deal
  • Proven track record of success: Hands-on involvement in every investment has yielded outstanding investor returns
  • Ability to adjust to difficult transactions: Experienced, senior-level attention to each transaction provides flexible, creative approaches to closing deals
  • Multi-product investor and developer: Diversified product experience translates into dynamic investment strategies
  • Strong local knowledge: Focused geographic footprint allows Thalhimer Realty Partners to take advantage of its market expertise
  • Affiliation with a network of brokers and Thalhimer Property Management: Unified full-service entity creates operating synergies as well as real-time market knowledge

Development Projects:

  • Thalhimer Center (Richmond, VA)
  • Stratford Center (Newport News, VA)
  • Stratford Center (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Crescent business Center (Richmond, VA)
  • Gambro Healthcare (Richmond, VA)
  • Hanover Medical Park - Phase I (Richmond, VA)
  • Innsbrook Place (Richmond, VA)
  • Ironbridge Corner (Richmond, VA)
  • Waterford Business Center (Richmond, VA)
  • Westgate at Wellesley (Richmond, VA)
  • Reynolds South (Richmond, VA)
  • 3200 West Clay Street (Richmond, VA)


  • Laurel Ridge Apartments (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Riverside Drive Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Rock Creek Apartments (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • River Haven Apartments (Raleigh, NC)
  • Kent Road Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Biggs Building Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Sundance Station Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • 1000 Boulders Parkway Medical Office Building (Richmond, VA)
  • Charles Pointe Apartments (Florence, SC)
  • Crystal Village Apartments (Durham, NC)
  • Exchange Place Office Building (Richmond, VA)
  • Fox Rest Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Honey Brook Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Larchmont Apartments (Hampton Roads, VA)
  • Riverpoint Apartments (Hampton Roads, VA)
  • Stonewood Apartments (Durham, NC)
  • Townhomes of Oakleys (Richmond, VA)
  • Timbercreek Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Deering Manor Apartments (Richmond, VA)
  • Cornish Brewery Apartments (Richmond,VA)
  • Twin Rivers Apartments (Hopewell, VA)